Chromadrome 2

Chromadrome 2

Race into another dimension


  • Great fast paced graphics and gameplay
  • Easy to play from the first course


  • Too many easy levels


Chromadome is a blistering journey through another dimension and brings together all the great elements of space racing. Although the tracks start off quite simple, they soon develop into monstrous beasts that involve loop the loops, ramps and obstacles.

What you'll notice from the start is that the graphics are super fast. You'll have trouble keeping up with the pace from the off although the first few levels are straightforward.

There are holes and walls to avoid plus the ever present danger of over heating your craft.

There are 100 levels according to the developer although you can't help feeling they could have halved this and made the first 10 a bit more difficult.

Take control of your ship and speed through another dimension as you take on over 100 levels of fast paced fun.

Chromadrome 2


Chromadrome 2

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